Hi, I'm Holt. 
my friends call me that. Nice to meet you! 

I am a lifestyle/portrait photographer and director that looks for truth, love, passion and raw emotion in those fleeting and tangible moments of life. I create narratives in an authentic and genuine way through the environments, places and people I’ve been given the privilege to collaborate with. I strive to create intimate and candid captures that embody a strong sense of connectivity and style.

Incredible experiences have shaped my opinions, outlook and disposition on life. It seems that in the last several years I have been dealt more than in those previous. Success, failure, life at its best to life at its worst; love, loss and personal injury just to name a few. With all of that said, I have come to know that everything happens for a reason and in the end, life is about the journey and how we choose to live it. It is short, it is sweet and I choose to live mine with a passion that I hope is infectious to those around me. My photography is an extension of my life and that passion. Creating artistic collections of work that capture the individuality of my clients and the world around me is a blessing that I am thankful for everyday.


DSW, Verizon Wireless, Burger King, Coppertone, Dr. Pepper, Harley Davidson, Lululemon, NBC Universal, Architectural Digest, CNN, Segura Viudas, The Inside, Aspen Ski Company, Limelight Hotels, New York Times Style Magazine, Wallpaper, The Farmers Dog, Garden & Gun, Dice Magazine, Refueled Magazine, mcgarrybowen, Deutsch, Special Operations NYC, Code & Theory, US Weekly, GlobalCitizen, WineToWater.org




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