We are all artist

I have a theory, I believe most people are intimated by the term "artist". To be an artist we have to be creative right? You have to be a photographer, musician or painter - right?  That title is reserved for the chosen few, right?! I'm calling bull shit.

Yesterday, while I was on location shooting I had a conversation with a General Surgeon happened to be the father of some of my talent.  He said "I'm not a creative person, but it's so impressive to see how much goes into making an image". Are you kidding me? He's served our country saving the lives of our soldiers injured in combat zones and now spends his days fixing the rest of us as a surgeon. Someone like him saved my own life several years ago when I almost died from a ruptured appendix.  These men and women are artist. They are artist because their passion to enhance the lives of others are the driving force of their existance. 

The moral to this story is simple, we are all artist in our own ways. It is not a title reserved for the select few, it has been bestowed to all of us. Find something, anything you're passionate about, engage and take action.  Crafting a cup of coffee - loving your friends and family; as long as you do it with passion, you my friend are an artist.  

Jeff HoltComment