You want to know what I think is great about the world that we live in today?  Well I'll tell you, technology and in particular the Internet has made it easier than ever to discover the best of what the world has to offer. New music, artist, photographers, social movements, places and people that are changing the world are all merely a click away.  This opportunity for exploration translates into inspiration that when nurtured becomes a powerful force for change in our lives.  I know this for a fact based on the impact it's had on my own life. 

Before I was a photographer I worked a corporate job where I wore a suit and tie every day. I worked 80-hour weeks going through the motions. To escape that reality I would lose myself on the Internet every night. I began to nurture my passion for photography, discovered artist that were pushing boundaries and ultimately planted the seeds that inspired me to quit my job and pursue photography full time.

I'm truly passionate about seeing people live their lives to their potential. People have enormous capacity to do incredible things. This potential is often drowned out by fear, self-doubt, insecurities or just life in general. I meet people all the time that wish they were doing something bigger but seem to have no idea where to even begin. I've come to understand that bridging that gap between where they are and where they want to go begins with taking simply ONE SMALL STEP forward.  Being inspired and aware of a world that you didn't know exist is a damn solid first step. 

In the sprit of sharing and hopefully helping others find a starting place I thought I would share a couple of the ways I keep myself inspired. Being that I'm such a visual person I keep "personal mood boards" on Tumblr and Pinterest. Feel free to take a look at mine. I would hope that it inspires you in some way to start your own curation of things that help re-shape the way you see the world. 

ps. The title of my tumblr, "cogito ergo sum" is Latin for you are what you think. It's a powerful theme in my life.

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